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Duck Life 4 Games

Duck Life 4 Games

Duck Life 4 is the 4th part in series of games of training ducks that had been so hot, Duck Life, developed by MoFunZone Inc operator.

Playing Duck Life 4, players will continue the series of days of training and upgrading your little duck into a keen racer with mature skills such as running, swimming, flying, climbing and jumping in the race for championship compared to other duck competitors. However, compared to the previous version, Duck Life 4 design is new and different with much more features. In addition to the main characteristics and features, Duck Life 4 still inherits and owns in this game genre such as:

Cute and awesome graphics.

Fun and attractive sounds.

Lovely characters.

Offer up to 6 spaces for you to train and develop skills for their little ducks including: Grasslands, wetlands, mountains, glaciers, cities and Volcano. Each area will be offered full features, services, shops and opponents to practice.

Provide and equip with accessories including hats, costumes … for little ducks.

Duck Life 4  also gives players more attractive challenge and more dramatic appeal, the missions has also been upgraded and it is more difficult to fulfill than the previous ones. Even the training time for your warriors in Duck Life 4 is also designed differently.

One thing to note in Duck Life 4 is to train and develop the skills for little ducks, you not only use the mouse, but you also combine the use of keyboard. You’ll have to adjust the speed of the ball reasonably so that the training does not end too soon. During training, players’ level will be granted according to the experience you gain, the number of collected coins and the distance you get. Upon reaching level 10, you can let your little ducks try the first race.



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A very commendable point of Duck Life that marks the version back is that Duck Life 4 interface design is quite impressive and clean.

Download Duck Life 4 to Iphone

In fact, the players can play Duck Life 4 online on the computer. However, if you want you can also download Duck Life 4 version for the phone to entertain and train your warriors whenever possible. Currently, Duck Life 4 offers Lite version free for both Iphone and Ipad.


All you need to do is to access the Appstore and download the latest Duck Life 4 version, then install the application on your device. So you can own the attractive and fun game.


With the features of Duck Life 4, Duck Life 4 game deserves a game that you want try at least once in your life. A great game!

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